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Introducing The PVE 30 Eco

PVE 30 Eco
PVE 30 Eco
PVE 30 Eco

Introducing The PVE 30 Eco

Eco Range

Introducing the PVE 30 Eco - the latest in PVE Vacuum Elevator technology available here at Morgan Ellis. Travelling as many as three stops with a one-passenger capacity, this compact and slimline design is ideal for almost any home. Its size makes it ideal for everyday use, offering easy accessibility between floors for those with limited mobility or who just wanted to travel in style. Requiring as little as 80cm diameter for installation, the PVE 30 Eco is an easy to install home elevator, regardless of how limited you are on space.

With no pit requirements and no need for a machine room to operate, the PVE 30 Eco can be installed in as little as two days, with minimal disruption to your home in that time. The lights come pre-made and only require a space to be cut in the ceiling prior to installation, where applicable. The rest is simple - from the moment you get in touch to start the design process, to our after-sales services following installation, we are on hand to produce, transport and install your brand new Eco vacuum lift according to your needs.

With PVE 30 Eco prices starting as low as £25,000 for creating and installing your lift, this is our most affordable vacuum elevator yet.


"Brilliant company, that provides excellent quality products and even better customer service. The whole team at Morgan Ellis are amazing and helped me choose the right lift for my home."

Abbie Sands-wren
5th March 2021

"Great quality lift and the staff and personnel at Morgan Ellis were fantastic throughout the whole process. Jeff and Matt were great at organising the lift and even had the product developers come by to review the space prior to install which went very smoothly. Would recommend the Morgan Ellis team for anyone thinking of a lift!"

Shyam Shah
4th March 2021

"A very helpful team at morgan Ellis. A professional approach and great quality product. We and all our friends are very impressed with the lift which looks amazing!"

Colin Holbrook
3rd March 2021

Tech & Safety

Travel Height 15 metres
Travel Speed 015m/per second
Capacity 1 person (159kg).
Cabin Diameter  630mm. 
Exterior Diameter 750mm (800mm space required to install). 
Safety Systems In case of a power failure, the cabin will automatically lower to the ground floor in safety speed mode.
European Standards  All our Pneumatic Vacuum Lifts comply with Europe's strictest safety requirements. It complies with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC by following the harmonised standard  EN81-41. It also has CE marking, which means it's a safe product in accordance with EC directives.


Features and Benefits

Colours The PVE 30 Eco 
Cabin Key Lock Each PVE 30 Eco elevator features a Cabin Key Lock
Compact The compact design of the PVE 30 Eco means that no pit, headroom or machine room is required to operate
Eco-Friendly The PVE 30 Eco is powered by air, resulting in minimal energy consumption and a more eco-friendly lift experience
Fast Installation Installation will take as little as 1-2 days in most cases
Modern Design The PVE 30 Eco features a modern glass cylindrical elevator shaft and cabin, offering 360-degree panoramic views
Minimal Maintenance Due to it's air-powered operation, the PVE 30 Eco requires minimal maintenance throughout it's lifespan.
Self-Supporting The self-supporting elevator shaft offers you the opportunity to install the lift anywhere in your home, including freestanding in stairwells.


PVE 30 Eco Dimensions


How does a Pneumatic Vacuum Lift work? The PVE 30 Eco lift is a self-supporting, cylindrical elevator that uses the power of air to both lift and lower the cabin. Pumps and turbines will propel the lift up, while a slow, controlled release of air will lower the cabin down to the relevant floor. No hoists are required, and there are brakes and safety mechanisms included as standard to ensure optimum peace of mind while using the vacuum lift.

Where are PVE 30 Eco vacuum lifts made? As with all PVE Vaccum lifts, the PVE 30 Eco Lifts are based and manufactured in Miami, however, we work directly with their Madrid based office to ensure optimum communication at all times.

What is the manufacturing time of a PVE lift? When you order a PVE 30 Eco, the average manufacture time is 12-14 weeks, though this may differ depending on the production schedule and lift requirements.

Does the PVE Vacuum home lift require a pit? The PVE 30 Eco is a space-conscious lift that does not need a pit or any machine room to operate. The PVE 30 Eco will be installed directly onto the floor of your home.

How long does it take to install? The PVE 30 Eco takes around 1-2 days for installation depending on your home and the size/length of the elevator shaft. We will provide you with a more accurate time scale prior to installation, though this may be subject to variation.

Is The PVE 30 Eco Safe? The PVE 30 Eco vacuum lift utilises the very best in safety technology, ensuring that you can use your home lift from the comfort of your home without fear. With emergency brakes that prevent the cabin from falling in case of a rare loss of pressure, as well as back up power to lower you down to the ground floor, you can rest assured that you are safe in your PVE 30 Eco lift.

Is there a waiting list for the PVE 30 Eco? When you apply for a quote from us, we'll always provide you with an approximate waiting time for manufacturing. This can vary depending on the demand for the lift at the time. In some cases, the wait time may simply be as long as manufacturing, while others may be longer. We will be transparent with you throughout so you always know what to expect.

How much does the PVE 30 Eco cost? The final cost of your PVE 30 Eco will differ depending on a number of factors including the finishes, the number of floors it will need to travel and any additional features or personalisation that you choose. We will provide you with a fixed quote at the very beginning so you will never be left with unexpected costs or fees.