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Metro House Plymouth

PVE 30 | Luxury Range

We had the pleasure of designing and installing the incredible PVE 30, in a wonderful property in Plymouth. Our client wanted to renovate the building and create high-end apartments, and so needed a high-end, stylish lift that would fit the overall design. The lift was to be located in the communal area of the property and span over multiple floors, adding value whilst complimenting the existing building structure.

The simple design of the PVE 30 allowed a quick and easy instalment time of 1-2 days with minimal building work required. The lift's single-phase power source and the use of air to lift and lower the cabin offered the property something unique, stylish and eco-friendly. It's sleek and self-contained nature meant a smaller footprint too, saving space overall.

Take a look at the finished product below, or take a look at our PVE Vacuum Elevators for more information about the lift itself.