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Home Lifts vs. Stair Lifts: Which One Is Right For Me?

Published on 16th June 2021
by Robyn

When it comes to accessibility in the home, there are a number of options available on today’s market, but not every option will be right for you. When it comes to travelling between the floors in your home, you have two options - a stair lift, or a home lift. Whether it’s a full through-floor lift, or you’re looking for a simple stair lift to travel between two floors of the home, knowing whether this is the best option can help you future proof your home in the long term. Here’s what you need to know.

Home Lifts

Home lifts are, quite simply, the more traditional form of lift that you’d find in commercial properties but on a more home-friendly scale. They offer practicality as well as accessibility, and with so many stylish models to choose from, can be chosen and designed to suit your property perfectly. They are a presence all of their own and in many ways, a whole new focal point.


Travel safely

Between countless safety features and the fact that you’re closed into a cabin, home lifts are one of the safest accessibility solutions around. All of our lifts, for example, operate using emergency brakes to prevent any freefall in the rare case that power is lost. Many of the models will also lower you back to the ground floor so you can exit the cabin manually even as the power is out. The closed-in cabin also means that you can’t exit or fall out of the lift while moving, and that any children or pets can’t exit while in motion either.


Home lifts can be fully customisable to suit your space, from the colour of the frame, to the carpets, walls, buttons and even the features within the lift itself. If you struggle with mobility, some models will allow for a seat to be installed, while others have the option to pick from different hand rails and supports for your journey. The customisable features make it possible to produce the lift that you need to best futureproof your home.

Move objects as well as people

With a home lift, you can move more than just yourself - need to get luggage downstairs, or move furniture between floors? Home lifts offer a safe and convenient way to do exactly that. It offers practicality and safety when carrying heavy objects between floors, by saving you from trying to manoeuvre them up a staircase.

Add value to your home

Due to its accessibility and luxurious nature, a home lift will add value to your home and increase the overall price if you were ever to sell in the future. While a stair lift may have the same impact, a home lift offers benefits to not only those with limited mobility but to anyone wanting the convenience, making it a higher-value home improvement.



Home lifts take up more space than a stair lift, at least in terms of actual floor space. If your home is small or you’re limited on spare space, the footprint needed for a home lift might be just out of reach. However, there are small footprint home lifts available, such as the PVE 30, and we are happy to discuss your options with you.

Building considerations

Some home lifts require more building work than others, including pits, headroom and holes in the floors for the lift to pass through. This isn’t always the case, as some homes have the space required in stairwells and similar, but you should always consider the layout of your home and the best place for a lift with building work in mind.


Understandably, home lifts are a more expensive option compared to stair lifts, however the price is reflective of the quality and convenience. For those on a budget, however, the initial price can be daunting.

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts have long been used as an accessibility solution in homes for those who cannot manage the stairs due to health or mobility issues. They can really improve the lives of those that need one, offering an easy journey between floors without taking the stairs.


Suit almost any stairs

With very few exceptions, stair lifts are suitable for more or less every staircase. Different sizes and dimensions will fit different staircases and uses, and can travel along any straight or curved staircases. 

Installation can be speedy

Stairlifts typically have a quick installation time, taking a day or two at most once the stairlift is available. Home lifts can have just as short of an installation time, but may require additional building work to consider.


Not easy on the eye 

Stairlifts lack the luxurious appearance of a home lift, often sitting as a bit of an eyesore on the staircase and in some cases, can limit morale in the limited mobility individual. They can look almost medical in nature due to their functionality-first production.

Unusual Staircases Can Cause Issues

If you have an unusually shaped staircase, including curved staircases, the installation time may take longer as the stairlift and it’s track will need to be designed and manufactured to exact customisations. As our home lifts are all customisable to an extent, the production and installation time will be approximately the same in the majority of cases, so you know what to expect.

For more information about our home lifts or how they could be a better solution than a stair lift for your home, get in touch with our team to discuss your options, today.