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Archive: Stiltz Home Lift

Published on 2nd December 2021
by Robyn
It’s a common misconception that residential lifts require a lot of space to be installed in a home. While every lift will have its required floor space, residential lifts are becoming more and more compact to fit into tighter and tighter spaces. Without the need for elevator shafts built into the…
Published on 25th October 2021
by Robyn
As proud partners of Stiltz Lifts, here at Morgan Ellis, we are thrilled to offer the Stiltz Home Lift as part of our collection. Sleek, stylish and perfect for most homes, this residential lift is our most affordable for those in need of accessibility in their homes. 
Published on 2nd June 2021
by Robyn
From knowing whether a home lift is the right fit for your home, to knowing what to expect by the time installation comes around, there are a number of questions you can ask prior to that final sale to really get peace of mind. Here are 6 of our most common questions to get you started.
Published on 12th October 2020
by Robyn
Residential lifts are a great way to futureproof your home, improve accessibility and provide independent living to those who might otherwise need support, but not everyone can afford to pay top prices for luxury home lifts. Our Eco range features key economically priced lifts that are still stylish…