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Archive: May 2020

Published on 29th May 2020
by Robyn
Elevator technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years, but traction lifts have been a strong staple in the industry that show no signs of being left behind any time soon. With lower power consumption than hydraulic lifts and relatively high speeds, traction elevators have proven themselves…
Published on 12th May 2020
by Robyn
When we were called to create and install a lift at Unit 1 in London, it quickly became clear that this was a job with accessibility at its heart. Our client had young children and required help caring for them from grandparents, some of whom had mobility issues. The lift would span four floors, pro…
Published on 7th May 2020
by Robyn
Whether you are considering selling your home, are managing a building project or are just starting to look into what kind of value a home lift can provide, you’ll be pleased to know that a residential elevator can have a considerable impact on the price your home may sell for. Find out how.