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Archive: Advice

Published on 16th September 2020
by Robyn
While we will help you determine the best place to set up your lift in your home, you likely have some initial thoughts as to where to start. Whether it’s a through-floor lift that will travel a single floor up to a bedroom, or a cabin lift that will span up to six floors in your property, working…
Published on 15th July 2020
by Robyn
From style and class, to accessibility and convenience, home lifts offer a unique set of benefits. As elevator technology has come on leaps and bounds, installing an elevator in your home has become a realistic goal and here at Morgan Ellis, we are proud to install some of the industry’s finest li…
Published on 7th May 2020
by Robyn
Whether you are considering selling your home, are managing a building project or are just starting to look into what kind of value a home lift can provide, you’ll be pleased to know that a residential elevator can have a considerable impact on the price your home may sell for. Find out how.
Published on 20th March 2020
by Robyn
From futureproofing your home to installing a lift for current accessibility purposes, or even to add that luxurious touch to any ongoing renovation or building project, a vacuum lift is a quiet, eco-friendly and self-supporting system that consumes minimal energy as it carries you from floor to flo…