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Archive: Pneumatic Lift

Published on 20th April 2022
by Robyn
Over the past few months, we’ve been working incredibly hard to get our brand new showroom at the Sky House Design Centre ready and raring to go. After weeks of perfecting every detail, we’re ready to open our doors and welcome you into the brand new, state-of-the-art Morgan Ellis showroom! 
Published on 2nd June 2021
by Robyn
From knowing whether a home lift is the right fit for your home, to knowing what to expect by the time installation comes around, there are a number of questions you can ask prior to that final sale to really get peace of mind. Here are 6 of our most common questions to get you started.
Published on 28th October 2020
by Robyn
Here at Morgan Ellis, we are proud to introduce the brand new PVE 30 Eco - the latest in our line of stylish vacuum elevators. Designed to offer all the quality and luxury of any PVE vacuum elevator but with a lower cost to ensure accessibility, the PVE 30 Eco is our most affordable vacuum lift yet.
Published on 29th June 2020
by Robyn
In March, the team here at Morgan Ellis revealed that our brand new showroom was in the works and would soon be ready for visitors. Today, we can proudly announce that it is officially open for visitors!
Published on 12th May 2020
by Robyn
When we were called to create and install a lift at Unit 1 in London, it quickly became clear that this was a job with accessibility at its heart. Our client had young children and required help caring for them from grandparents, some of whom had mobility issues. The lift would span four floors, pro…
Published on 20th March 2020
by Robyn
From futureproofing your home to installing a lift for current accessibility purposes, or even to add that luxurious touch to any ongoing renovation or building project, a vacuum lift is a quiet, eco-friendly and self-supporting system that consumes minimal energy as it carries you from floor to flo…