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Introducing The PVE 30 Eco

Published on 28th October 2020
by Robyn

Here at Morgan Ellis, we are proud to introduce the brand new PVE 30 Eco - the latest in our line of stylish vacuum elevators. Designed to offer all the quality and luxury of any PVE vacuum elevator but with a lower cost to ensure accessibility, the PVE 30 Eco is our most affordable vacuum lift yet. Whether you or your family are limited on mobility or you want the convenience and style of your very own home elevator, this could be the lift for you.

At 75cm wide, the PVE 30 Eco is a small but compact lift, ideal for providing accessibility even in small homes and properties with limited space. Travelling just three stops and with the ability to carry a single passenger (up to 159kg), it is a convenient solution to accessibility in your property without dedicating a lot of space. There’s no need to make room for a pit, and no machine room is required for operation, ensuring that minimal preparation is required prior to installation - the lift is even self-supporting and freestanding, meaning that you have the option to go through a floor, through an existing stairwell or through any open space between floors.

Leading Vacuum Technology

The PVE 30 Eco utilises some of the industry’s leading vacuum technology to provide a smooth and seamless journey between stops. This technology uses pumps and turbines in the head of the shaft to control airflow and create a vacuum within the glass cylinder, which ultimately raises or lowers the cabin depending on the intended direction of travel. When moving up, the turbines pull air from the shaft to create the vacuum, pulling the cabin smoothly up to the desired floor and when you want to go back down, it will slowly release the pressure through a controlled valve for an equally as smooth and safe descent.

The PVE utilises intelligent control over speed and levelling at each stop, but wit a lower environmental footprint than traction or hydraulic lifts due to the fact that less energy is required to operate. There is a back-up battery power, safety brakes to stop freefall and manual door-opening to ensure optimum safety in the extremely rare case of pressure loss.

The PVE 30 Eco holds the same level of style, sophistication and luxury as it’s predecessors but with fewer stops and a smaller size, it has been designed to provide complete accessibility both financially, and physically in your home. This home elevator is more affordable and suitable for most homes, and prices start as low as £19,000.