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Product Spotlight: The Stiltz Home Lift

Published on 25th October 2021
by Robyn

As proud partners of Stiltz Lifts, here at Morgan Ellis, we are thrilled to offer the Stiltz Home Lift as part of our collection. Sleek, stylish and perfect for most homes, this residential lift is our most affordable for those in need of accessibility in their homes. 

Simple in style but flexible, the Stiltz Duo and Trio+ Home Lifts are space-conscious through-floor lifts that are designed to provide accessibility in a standard home. With the ability to travel between two floors by passing through the ceiling/floor using self-supporting rails, this lift can be installed anywhere in the property to futureproof the home. Safer and better looking than a stair lift, this lift makes the process of travelling to the second floor of your home a safe and effortless breeze. Here’s what you need to know:

Key Features

When it comes to choosing a home lift for your property, the key features can really play a part in that final choice. For those seeking a compact, space-saving and elegant accessibility solution, the Stilz Home Lift is an affordable economical lift packed with features designed to make the ride as smooth and effortless as possible. 

Small Footprint 

The Stiltz Home Lift utilises self-supporting rails to guide the lift up through the floors, with no need for weight-bearing walls or a full elevator shaft. The lift sits perfectly between the floors of your home, meaning that the floor is replaced to create a smooth, safe surface while the lift is on the floor below, reducing trip hazards and maximising the space you have in your home. The remarkably small footprints of both the Duo+ and Trio+ lifts are ideal for smaller homes, with the Duo+ sitting at 0.8m², and the wheelchair-friendly Trio+ sitting at 1.44m².


The Stiltz Home Lift range is remarkably quiet, with a unique power system that ensures limited disruption to your day. The self-contained electric drive motor sits comfortably in the headspace of the lift car, hidden away and barely heard as the cabin travels between floors.

Convenient Controls

Everything from moving the lift, to opening its door has been thought through with great care and attention to detail when it comes to the Stiltz Home Lift. Not only does the Trio+ come with automatic doors as an option in order to improve accessibility for wheelchair users, but both the Duo+ and Trio+ utilise both in-car and remote control panels for ease of use. The in-car panel is easy to use with hold-to-run push-button controls, with two remote controls also provided with the same functions to improve comfort and ease of use.

Installation Anywhere

Whether it’s a standard room-to-room installation, or you’re in need of something a little more unique, the Stiltz Home Lift can, in most cases, accommodate. Due to its self-supporting structure, the lift can be installed in rooms, stairwells, cupboards, garages, fitted to sloped ceilings and more. There’s also a ‘Thru-Car’ option, which makes it easy to enter from one side on one floor, and exit from the other once you’ve travelled up or down. This is particularly useful for stairwells or for wheelchair users.


The Duo+ and Trio+ each have different footprints but both pride themselves on their compact, space-conscious but not at all claustrophobic set-up. The glass cabin makes for easy look-out to create the illusion of a bigger cabin, though even the Duo+ can comfortably fit two people. The dimensions are: 

  • Duo+: Width: 1046mm, Depth: 760mm
  • Trio+: Width: 1046mm, Depth: 1378mm


Safety is paramount when installing and using a home lift in your property and the Stiltz Home Lift is undoubtedly one of the safest lifts around. From sensors to ensure collisions are avoided, to emergency braking, the safety features include: 

  • Fire Seal - The Stiltz Home Lifts have gone through extensive fire testing and are fitted with a fully tested fire seal that fully complies with BS5900:2012.
  • Wide Entry - For convenience and safety, the Duo+ and Trio+ come with wide entry and exit points for better manoeuvrability. 
  • Level Access - a gently angled ramp makes entering and exiting the lift far more convenient for both wheelchair users and those with limited mobility who may struggle with steps.
  • Lighting - The Stiltz Home Lift is fitted with elegant ambient lighting that not only provides a stylish overall look, but offers better visibility when using the lift at night or when things are a little dull or dim.

To find out more about the Stiltz HomeLift range and whether this incredible residential elevator is right for you or your loved ones, take a look at our website for full safety, tech and features and benefits. Alternatively, get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to discuss your options with you.