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Our Tips For Looking After Your Home Lift In 2021

Published on 15th July 2021
by Robyn

Whether you’ve already had a home lift installed or you’re looking into a new addition and want to know how easy it is to maintain, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a relatively simple process. While we wouldn’t advise doing the technical maintenance yourself, keeping your lift clean and in the best condition otherwise is a manageable and simple task. To help you get started, we’ve put together some tips to help you not only maintain your lift but keep it in the best possible condition too.

Careful Use

While all of our lifts are built to last, taking care when entering, using and exiting the lift can help to keep things in perfect condition for much longer. Bumps and scrapes are arguably inevitable over time, particularly for wheelchair users or those with mobility aids, but care can help to reduce potential aesthetic damage. We will also discuss your needs with you prior to creating the lift, to ensure that the door on the lift or the lift size itself gives plenty of space for you and any aids you may use or need to move around your home, even if it’s as simple as a walking stick, to ensure comfort and ease of use.

Keep Touchpoints Clean

You’ve probably heard time and time again the past year and a half that we should be keeping touchpoints clean to prevent the spread of coronavirus. What is important to understand, however, is that coronavirus isn’t the only illness or disease that can be spread by touch. Anything from colds and flu, to stomach bugs and more, could be passed between the most commonly used touchpoints so it’s important to regularly wipe them down with antibacterial sprays or wipes. Beyond just the spread of bacteria or germs, these points are simply some of the most widely used and therefore, collect the most dirt and grime - for that reason, a regular clean will ensure that your lift stays clean and in top condition for longer.

Shine Up The Windows And Metal

Many of our lifts use glass walls as part of their structure, whether that’s just the doors, or a full 360-degree panoramic view and most, if not all, will utilise metal or chrome detailing somewhere in the build. As we all know, windows and metal are particularly prone to accumulating fingerprints, dust, dirt and more and so keeping them clean as regularly as possible can maintain the shine. Cleaning these surfaces is simple too - all you need is a soft cloth and a good window cleaner and/or metal shine spray, which together can easily wipe away marks. 

Don’t Forget The Floors

The floor to your lift could be anything from tile or laminate-style flooring, to carpets and more. Whatever you choose, keeping them clean is important to maintaining a hygienic and stylish home lift. Whether you just need to hoover the carpet, or you need to mop the floor, a quick regular clean will help to remove any dirt or debris that may have been walked into the lift over time.

Get Regular Maintenance

While you can maintain the cleanliness of your home lift yourself or with help from family and friends, getting regular maintenance checks on the lift is where you need expert help. Each of our lifts is designed, created and tested to the highest standards for safety and reliability, but having the lift and its mechanics serviced regularly will ensure that it not only runs smoothly but that you can use it with the peace of mind that everything is in safe, working order. In general, a service every 6 months or so will keep things running smoothly. Between maintenance visits, you should keep an eye on how your lift is running, and make note of any differences in operation that you experience.

For more information on how to maintain your lift or for help with getting a home lift quote, feel free to get in touch with our team, today.