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Developing A New Build? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Home Lift

Published on 21st September 2021
by Robyn

When it comes to developing a new build property, you’ve likely thought about everything from the initial blueprint, all the way down to the carpet and wall finishes. The residential market is one of the most highly profitable but highly competitive markets out there - For developers, creating a high-quality, accessible and carefully designed home can help set you apart from the competition. 

Home lifts add monetary, aesthetic and practical value to a property and when included in the initial design of a new build, can become a key focal point or, if the design requires, be blended in perfectly with the rest of the home. If you still need a little more convincing, we’ve put together some of the key reasons you should consider a home lift in your property, here.

Attracts A Wider Buyer Pool

Developing and selling property in today’s housing market can be a highly competitive process and in some cases, selling at all can be incredibly difficult. With house prices rising and buyers more selective than ever before, developers have really got to consider inclusivity when it comes to building homes. A home lift in your property can help to attract a wider pool of buyers by offering not only that modern touch that many are looking for, but by adding accessibility to the property for those with limited mobility, who are looking for a lifelong home or even those with small children where a lift may ease the struggle of getting them up and down the stairs. 

Adds Monetary Value

As well as attracting a wider pool of buyers, you also gain the added benefit of added monetary value when installing a home lift into a new build, with buyers also more willing to pay higher prices for such a feature. Home lifts are still a very unique addition to any property, adding that modern touch that futureproofs the home and provides a unique selling point. Real estate agents and potential buyers alike both love a unique selling point, and it’s this boost that could give you the ability to raise the price of your home.

Gives You An Edge

Following on from the point above, having a home lift in your new build property could really give you an edge in the market, particularly if the lift is well-integrated into the home. Having a reliable home lift already installed in a property will ultimately mean that the buyer will have less to consider in the future as far as mobility and accessibility are concerned. Less than 10% of UK homes are disability-friendly, but including a home lift and other accessibility solutions in the plan for your new build can put another home on the market that is accessible and viable for all from the offset.

Can Help Close The Sale

The housing market is competitive, and with that competition comes a number of other new builds that your buyers could have their eyes on. If your property has attracted a buyer who also has their sights set on a similar property elsewhere, a home lift could be the feature that helps you close that sale. Home Lifts still aren’t a widely available feature in new housing, which gives you the benefit of offering something unique and different from the rest. 

For more information about our home lifts and which one could work best in your new build property, get in touch with our team. We are on hand to help and offer our expertise in design, installation and more, giving your new build the value it deserves.