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Aritco Compact & HomeLift Access

Aritco Compact & HomeLift Access
Aritco Compact & HomeLift Access
Aritco Compact & HomeLift Access

Aritco Compact & HomeLift Access

Eco Range

The Aritco Compact & HomeLift Access models are the next in the line of luxurious home lifts available from the Aritco brand. With beautiful form, comfortable ride quality and full customisation available, they are truly the perfect choice for most homes. Both the Aritco Compact and Aritco HomeLift Access are designed with safety and style in mind, offering all of the glamour of a home lift with the confidence of knowing you can safely travel from floor to floor.

Aritco Compact & Home Lift Access lifts are designed to meet all your desires and requirements for comfort, space and design. Each is available in different sizes, with an option to personalise it with details such as glass walls, a range of varied colours and different materials. Travelling up to 5 stops, it's a must-have for any homeowner seeking a stylish accessibility solution to futureproof and increase the value of their home.

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"We planned to install the lift as part of our big renovation , we wanted a lift to be a big part of that so we could future proof our home. Morgan Ellis did exactly that they offered us a few options discussing options with our architect and builders and showed us a number of lifts ,we felt the 4000 was best suited to us to meet our budget and design. It looks great and i can even use for my luggage now as i travel with work often."

Anne Marie

"Just a note to compliment you on the complete service, checking our shaft at commencement and during construction. Final checking off before installation and completion. Job went according to plan with no problems and we are very pleased with the result. Not really needed at the present time but as this is the last house for ourselves it is all ready for when the legs give out ! Thanks for bottle of wine,  will enjoy it at the opening ceremony.Regards Alan Patman March 2017"

Alan Surrey

"We decided on an Aritco 4000 over the Aritco Home Lift as the size was more suited to our design preference. It was such a quick installation time and it really suits our interior design! We couldn't reccomend Matt & Jeff enough, they were so helpful over the whole process and accomodated to any and everyone of our needs."

Michael Grant

"Excellent service and quick installation. Couldn't be happier with the process."

Megan Brown

" We are very pleased with our Aritco lift, which looks good and fits very well into the house we have built. We wanted to ‘future proof’ our new home as we don’t want to have to move again and installing a lift has enabled us to do so.  Morgan Ellis’s knowledge and help when making the initial choice of lift was invaluable, they advised our builders on preparation for the installation and the engineers who installed it were excellent. We are happy customers!"

Suzy & Ian

PDF Brochures


  • Aritco HLA Data Sheet
  • Aritco Home Lift Access Brochure
  • Aritco Compact Data Sheet
  • Aritco Compact Brochure


Tech & Safety


Both the Aritco Compact and Aritco HLA require recessed installation 50 mm below floor or can be installed directly on floor with 50mm ramp.

European Standards

Both the Aritco Home Lift Access and Aritco Compact comply with Europe's strictest safety requirements. It complies with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC by following the harmonised standard  EN81-41. It also has CE marking, which means it's a safe product in accordance with EC directives.
Control Voltage Both the Aritco Home Lift Access and the Aritco 4000 require 24V.
Type of Lift The Aritco HLA and Aritco 4000 are both elevators designed to be installed and used in existing private homes, or in new builds.
Rated Speed Maximum of 0.15 m/s in Europe.
Travel Height Travel height ranges from a minimum of 250mm, to a maximum of 130000 mm.
Drive System Patented Screw and Nut system featuring a 1.5kW motor.
Control Both the Aritco HLA and the Aritco 4000 operate using a hold-to-run system, offering complete control of your journey.
Number of Floors Both Aritco lifts can travel between 2 and 6 floors.
Warranty Both the HLA and 4000 feature a 12-month warranty, however the screw and nut system itself comes with a 10 year warranty.


Aritco 4000 Options

Aritco HLA Options\

Features and Benefits

Lift Type The Aritco 4000 and Aritco HLA are both lifts designed for installation in private homes and residences. These are not suitable for public use.

Full Customisation

The Aritco 4000 and Aritco Home Lift Access both have a range of customisation options, from size to colour choices and metal finishes. You can get the lift perfect for your property with ease.

Easy Installation With Minimal Disruption

The Aritco 4000 and Aritco HLA both require minimal work for installation and will take up minimal room. 
'A' Rated Energy Consumption According to VDI4707, both lifts have an A rating for energy consumption.
Recyclable Materials Both lifts are crafted from 95% recyclable materials, making this one of the most eco-friendly installations on the market.

Screw & Nut Technology

The Aritco lifts utilise a patented screw/nut technology that ensures safe operation, and that there is no oil that can leak.
Environmental Classification Environmental classification by the Swedish Sunda Hus organization
Low Maintenance And Operational Costs The overall maintenance and operation costs are considered the lowest on the market due to the unique screw and nut technology and overall build of the lift.
2-6 Floor Travel Both the Aritco 4000 and Aritco HLA can be manufactured to travel between 2-6 floors
Door Options Different door options on each lift, including a half-height door on the top floor for Home Lift Access.


Aritco 4000

Aritco 4000 Dimensions

Aritco Home Lift Access

Aritco HLA Dimensions

Lift Size 900x1040 900x1280 900x1480 1000x1280 1000x1480 1100x1480 1100x1580
External Dimension 1300x1160 1300x1400 1300x1600 1400x1400 1400x1600 1500x1600 1500x1700
Rated Load 250kg/2 person 410kg/5 person 410kg/5 person 410kg/5 person 410kg/5 person 410kg/5 person 500kg/6 perosn
Wheelchair No Yes-lone user Yes-with attendant Yes-lone user Yes-with attendant Yes-with attendant Yes-with attendant



What Happens If The Power Supply To My Aritco 4000 or Aritco HLA Lift Cuts Out? Both the Aritco 4000 and the Aritco HLA contain the best quality safety features available, meaning that at any loss of power supply, you will be safe. The system has a function which will lower you to the closest available floor in the event of power failure, as well as a key to allow for manual opening of the doors.

Can I Customise My Aritco Lift? Both the Aritco 4000 and HLA allow you to design your lift to your personal taste, with choices of lift colour, floor coverings, glass types and door types.

Is Servicing Required For My Aritco 4000/HLA? Yes, we recommend getting two services a year for your lift to ensure it continues to operate at it's best.

Are The Aritco 4000 and Aritco Home Lift Access Safe? Both the Aritco 4000 and the Aritco HLA utilise the best in safety technology for home lifts, ensuring that you can use your lift daily without fear of harm or accidents.

How Much Space Do I Need For The Aritco 4000 and HLA? The amount of space that you will need for your Aritco lift will differ depending on the model you choose and the dimensions needed. You can opt for measurements that suit your house best, and we can conduct both in-person and virtual site surveys to help you determine the best fit for your property.

Is There A Waiting List For The Aritco 4000 or Artico HLA? The length of time you may have to wait can differ depending on the demand for either lift at any one time. This changes throughout the year, but we will always provide you with an informed estimated timescale for manufacturing when discussing the lift you want.

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Site Preparations

Whole project management, including any building work requirements. We have a team of trusted building contractors who work to our expected high standards.

Completely Bespoke

From size and style to completely bespoke finishes and colours, you can customise our range of Morgan Ellis Home Elevators however you like.

Professional Advice

We are always happy to offer help and advice on choosing the most suitable home elevator for your project or home just get in touch with the experts here.

Technical Support

Morgan Ellis provide optional aftercare agreements; technical support, servicing and maintenance keeping your home lift well maintained well into the future.

Approved Supplier

Morgan Ellis are approved suppliers of many of the biggest home lift brands on the market, which gives you peace of mind when it comes to choosing us.


We at Morgan Ellis offer service plans to take the worry away once your lift comes out of warranty, we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.