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Aritco Home Lift

Aritco Home Lift
Aritco Home Lift
Aritco Home Lift

Aritco Home Lift

Comfort Range

The Aritco Home Lift range is a stylish, sophisticated and fully customisable option for any home which is why, here at Morgan Ellis Lifts, we are thrilled to offer the design, manufacturing and installation of Aritco lifts. Every aspect of our exclusive Aritco Home Lifts is fully customisable from the lift shaft to the carpet you walk on, blending in perfectly with your personal style and decor.

All of our Aritco Lifts here in the UK are capable of up to a 15m vertical rise over as many as six floors, with smooth ride quality and the best in elevator safety so you can truly enjoy your home lift in confidence. The Aritco Home Lift is the perfect choice for any construction or home renovation project, offering both luxury and accessibility while futureproofing and enhancing the value of your home.

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"We have a 2 person Aritco lift provided and installed by Morgan Ellis lifts. We are very pleased with the lift - it works very well, is easy to use and looks great in our new build house. It is discreet but modern and stylish. The service provided to purchase, install and after care has also been to the same high standard."

Joe Woods (Google Review)

"Morgan Lifts are an outstanding quality lift installation company. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is think of having a home lift installed into their home or business. Their customer service and support helps guide you through every step of the way."

Matt Bott (Google Review)

"Highly recommended. Morgan Ellis provided us with a beautiful HomeLift (Aritco) as well as a first class service all-round. Thank you Jeff and Matt"

Jose (Google Review)

"I had a great experience with Jeff, Matt and the rest of the team. They managed to install a lift that fits perfectly with the style of my home and blends in beautifully."

Mr Graham

"If your looking to install a home lift then you really shouldn’t look further than Morgan Ellis. Despite the COVID pandemic Jeff has been fantastic. From our original ‘meeting’ via video to the showroom visits at the Sky House Design Centre to view the PVE lift and the Aritco Showroom, as well as the home visit with the builders, he’s been there to advise us. It was a huge decision for us to put a lift in with a lot of questions and queries and Jeff has been patient, understanding and supportive throughout and has always been responsive to calls and emails which is reassuring in a world where nobody ever seems to get back to you. Wishing you and your company all the best and great success in the future. "

Dr Steve Watson
5th March 2021

"I spent a lot of time investigating the different types of lifts available to suit my needs the Aritco Lift was a perfect choice. Morgan Ellis where the right choice too we had a lot of support with the installation"

Jane Petkovic

Tech & Safety

Safety Systems

The lift is equipped with the Aritco SmartSafety system, which includes intelligent doors, safety sensors and dual safety brakes. In the event of a power failure, the battery-driven emergency lowering system will take you safely to the lowest level and open the doors. 

European Standards

All our Aritco Home Lifts comply with Europe's strictest safety requirements. It complies with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC by following the harmonised standard  EN81-41. It also has CE marking, which means it's a safe product in accordance with EC directives.
Rated Speed The Rated speed is max. 0.15 m/s inside Europe. Outside of Europe, this is Max 0.30 m/s.
24 Month Warranty The Aritco HomeLift comes with a 24-month warranty as standard for peace of mind and support for the first two years.
10 Year Warranty On Screw and Nut System The screw and nut system that the Aritco HomeLift operates on comes with a 10-year warranty.
Key Locking System You can lock the control panel of your lift to prevent the lift from being used by third parties, children and more. This will show a key symbol to indicate whether or not the lift has been locked.
Safety Edges The Aritco HomeLift features safety edges around the carrier floor and at the top of the Design-Wall. These edges ensure that nothing can fall or become trapped between the carrier and the elevator shaft. As an additional safety measure, the lift will immediately stop if something does become lodged or trapped.
Power Supply

The power supply is: 

230 V 1-Phase
400 V 3-Phase

Control System The Aritco HomeLift utilises a Micro-Controller based control system. System bus: Controller Area Network (CAN) @ 50 kbit/s. The system is based on a CAN-bus multi-node architecture with load controller modules.


Aritco Home Lift Options

Features and Benefits

Patented System The Aritco HomeLift utilises a patented screw and nut-based system, offering a smooth and safe journey between floors.
Full Customisation  Tailored to your specific taste and design, the Aritco Home Lift is customisable by colours, sizes and various other options all carefully created for a home environment
Smart Lift App  Control the lighting of your lift through a dedicated app and set the perfect mood for your home.
Easy Installation  Installation of the Aritco Home Lift is easy and we're on hand to do all of the hard work for you in just a few days.
Smart Safety System  Ride in safety between floors with the intelligent safety system that eradicates the risk of free fall, even in event of power failure.
Low Cost  The Aritco Home Lift is one of our most cost-effective home lifts for those looking for a luxurious but functional addition to their home.
95% Recyclable The Aritco HomeLift is 95% recyclable, meaning that if you were to upgrade or change lifts in the future, uninstalling and recycling the lift is simple.
Lift Can Travel 5 Floors  The Aritco Home Lift can travel as high as five stops, across 6 floors (including the ground floor)
Automatic Lubrication An automatic lubrication system is included as standard. This is connected to a timer which will also indicate when the oil level is low.
High Corrosion Resistance The guides feature a corrosion class C5, made from Magnelis. This metal coating has 3% magnesium, which gives it its high corrosion resistance. 


Aritco HomeLift Dimensions S5 - 9Aritco HomeLift Dimensions S12 - 15








Carrier Size

600 x 830 mm

1000 x 830 mm

1100 x 830 mm

1000 x 1200 mm

1100 x 1400 mm

Maximum Floors

6 Floors

6 Floors

6 Floors

6 Floors

6 Floors

Shaft Size

966 x 880 mm

1366 x 880 mm

1466 x 880 mm

1366 x 1250 mm

1466 x 1450 mm

Rated Load

250kg / 2 persons

250kg / 3 persons

250 kg / 3 persons

400 kg / 5 persons

400 kg / 5 persons

Standard Lift Colour

Traffic White

Traffic White

Traffic White

Traffic White

Traffic White

Standard Glass Colour







How Much Will The Aritco HomeLift Cost? The overall cost of the Aritco HomeLift will ultimately depend on the size, design, required building work and other requirements throughout the project. Before starting any manufacturing, we will provide you with a bespoke, fully tailored and non-obligation quote so you can determine affordability and whether this is the right lift choice for you.

How Long Does Installation Take? Installation may differ according to the work required to the property, how tall the lift is and other factors but on average, we can install an Aritco HomeLift in just a few days during a period that suits you, minimising disruption to your daily life.

What Happens If I Get Stuck In My Aritco Home Lift? Not to worry! The Aritco Home Lift comes with a key that can manually open the doors in case of a power cut and also has an automatic safety mechanism that will lower you to the nearest floor in the event of a power cut or fault.

Can I Customise My Aritco Home Lift? Yes! Both models of our Aritco Lifts in the UK are fully customisable from carpet colour to metal finish. Take a look at the brochure for more information about your options.

Is Servicing Required For My Aritco Home Lift? In order to keep your Aritco lift in top working condition year-round, we recommend around two services a year or more if you witness any changes in operation.

Is The Aritco Home Lift Safe? The Aritco Home Lift uses the best safety technology and features to ensure that you can use your home lift daily with the comfort and knowledge that you are doing so safely. There are emergency brakes in the case of power loss, backup power to lower you back down to the ground floor and more.

Is There A Waiting List For The Artico Home Lift? The waiting time for your Aritco home lift will ultimately differ depending on a number of things. The demand for the lift at the time could mean there is a waitlist during particularly busy periods, however the features you choose, how many floors the lift will need to travel and other customisable features can all have an effect on the final manufacture time.

How Much Space Do I Need For An Aritco Home Lift The Aritco Home Lift has a deceptively small overall footprint, which makes it perfect for homes that may be a little more limited on space. You can find out the size of the lift by checking out the 'dimensions' tab, or getting in touch with our team to discuss your needs and requirements.

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Why Choose Us

Site Preparations

Whole project management, including any building work requirements. We have a team of trusted building contractors who work to our expected high standards.

Completely Bespoke

From size and style to completely bespoke finishes and colours, you can customise our range of Morgan Ellis Home Elevators however you like.

Professional Advice

We are always happy to offer help and advice on choosing the most suitable home elevator for your project or home just get in touch with the experts here.

Technical Support

Morgan Ellis provide optional aftercare agreements; technical support, servicing and maintenance keeping your home lift well maintained well into the future.

Approved Supplier

Morgan Ellis are approved suppliers of many of the biggest home lift brands on the market, which gives you peace of mind when it comes to choosing us.


We at Morgan Ellis offer service plans to take the worry away once your lift comes out of warranty, we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.