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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

Luxury Range

Luxury Vacuum Home Lifts

The PVE Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is a stylish, sleek and luxurious addition to any home or building project. As one of the most sought-after and exclusive lifts available here at Morgan Ellis, we are proud to provide three different circular lift models including the PVE30, PVE37 and PVE52.

The PVE home vacuum elevators are an environmentally-conscious but luxurious addition to any new or existing home, with quick and easy installation in as little as 1-2 days. All of the models available require minimal floor space, no pit and run completely on the power of air, offering a quiet, eco-friendly accessibility solution.

Futureproofing your home has never been more stylish, with a glass circular shaft that is self-supporting and can travel up to five floors (15 metres). This sophisticated design is ideal for any use, whether you’re looking to futureproof your home, add value, or simply want a talking point in your new build. The PVE30 can offer 1-person capacity, the PVE37 offers 2-person capacity and the PVE52 provides 3-person capacity or wheelchair access, making the PVE vacuum elevator ideal for any home renovation or construction project.

With prices for the PVE vacuum home lift starting at £28,000, this is a luxury glass residential elevator sure to add value, class and style to any property.

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"It was a pleasure working with Jeff and Matt! I was looking for a high end home lift, which not only would solve my need but also add value and a touch of design to my house. The lack of space was a problem, but on a first visit they were able to advise me on the best location and homelift for me, a PVE30 pneumatic vacuum elevator with a footprint of 30" diameter!! Thank you very much to all your team for the good treatment and professionalism."

Jesús (Google Review)

"Morgan Ellis Lifts are luxury, quality driven company with great attention to details. Their customer service along with the lead time on projects is impressive, will definitely be working with them again."

IQ Glass (Google Review)

"My new home lift looks amazing! These guys were super throughout the whole process. Would recommend to everyone :). Thanks!"

Aimee Ford (Google Review)

Tech & Safety

  • Travel HeightPVE 30/37/52 - 15 metres
  • Travel SpeedPVE 30/37/52 - 015m/per second
  • CapacityPVE 30 1 person (159kg).
    PVE 37 2 person (205kg).
    PVE 52 3 person/1 wheelchair (238kg).
  • Cabin Diameter PVE 30 - 630mm. 
    PVE 37 - 820mm. 
    PVE 52 - 1220mm.
  • Exterior Diameter PVE 30 - 750mm (800mm space required to install). 
    PVE 37 - 933mm (1000mm space required to install). 
    PVE 52 - 1316mm (1400mm space required to install)
  • Safety Systems In case of a power failure the cabins will automatically decent to the ground floor in safety speed mode.
  • European Standards All our Pneumatic Vacuum Lifts complie with Europe's strictest safety requirements. It complies with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC by following the harmonised standard  EN81-41. It also has CE marking, which means it's a safe product in accordance with EC directives.


Features and Benefits

  • Colours (Standard)White, Navy Grey 
  • Colours (Special) Taupe, Black and Light Grey
  • Cabin Key Lock  
  • Foldable Car Seat (PVE37 Only)
  • No pit or machine room required
  • Eco-friendly: powered by air
  • Installation within one to two days
  • Modern design: 360° visibility.
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Self-supporting structure
  • 220Volt single phase
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Certified



  • How does a Pneumatic Vacuum Lift work? The PVE Pneumatic Vacuum Lift is self-supporting and uses the power of air to both lift and lower the lift floor. Pumps and turbines will propel the lift up, while slow release of air will lower the cabin down to the ground. No hoists are required, and there are brakes and safety mechanisms included as standard to ensure optimum peace of mind while using the vacuum lift.
  • Where are PVE vacuum lifts made? PVE Lifts are based and manufactured in Miami, however, we work directly with their Madrid based office to ensure optimum communication at all times.
  • What is the manufacture time of a PVE lift? The average manufacture time is 12-14 weeks, though this may differ depending on production schedules.
  • Does the PVE Vacuum home lift require a pit? The lift does not need a pit or any machine room. The lift will be installed directly onto the floor of your home.
  • How long does it take to install? The PVE vacuum lift has quick, easy and mess-free installation, with a 1-2 day installation time.

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Whole project management, including any building work requirements. We have a team of trusted building contractors who work to our expected high standards.

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From size and style to completely bespoke finishes and colours, you can customise our range of Morgan Ellis Home Elevators however you like.

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We are always happy to offer help and advice on choosing the most suitable home elevator for your project or home just get in touch with the experts here.

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Morgan Ellis provide optional aftercare agreements; technical support, servicing and maintenance keeping your home lift well maintained well into the future.

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Morgan Ellis are approved suppliers of many of the biggest home lift brands on the market, which gives you peace of mind when it comes to choosing us.


We at Morgan Ellis offer service plans to take the worry away once your lift comes out of warranty, we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.